PlayAutoma | iBlocks
IBlocks is a new age intelligent tech toy that is a lot of fun to play with and at the same time helps children to develop logical and programming skills at a very young age. It has magnet based connectors and a variety of sensors combined with multiple programming mobile apps that make iBlocks a powerful medium to deliver STEM concepts, in a playful manner. It is a complete family entertainment toy.
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The blocks that make up the iBlocks bot are also called iBlocks.

iBlocks snap with each other using the magnetic connections.

These can be connected in different combinations to give different shapes.


The Head

The Head has multiple Red, Green and Blue LEDs, each of which can be programmed to form different eye expressions. Using the programming App, you can add expressions to your bot like Smiley, Angry, Winking.


Head iBlock also has an IR based distance sensor, which can be programmed to as Short-Sighted, Far-Sighted or Normal-Sighted to catch objects at different distances and serves as an Obstacle Sensor. The same sensor can be programmed to work as Black & White sensor

The Brain Block.

The Brain iBlock enables your bot to take instructions from your Phone/Tablet wirelessly. It serves as the communication channel between the bot and the device running the iBlock Apps.

The Front Support.

Front iBlock allows your bot to seamlessly turn at different angles and also move in forward and backward directions.

Motion Block / Milometer

Motion iBlock tracks the distance moved by each motor separately.
Use this distance to make your bot move exact number of steps, or achieve desired angular motion.

The Battery.

Battery iBlock is the rechargable power bank of your bot and provides for the energy needed to perform different actions.

The Charger Block.

Charger iBlock is used to recharge the Battery iBlock. It connects with the Battery block magnetically.