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Use iBlocks to teach STEM concepts to children in Kindergarten and Primary age groups.  Magnetically snapping blocks, variety of sensors combined with multiple programming

Apps make iBlocks a powerful medium to deliver STEM concepts, in a playful manner.

Below is a list of few STEM ideas using iBlocks.

Introduction to Robotics using iBlocks

Introduce the concepts of Robot and Robotics using iBlocks kit. Introduce different iBlocks and how they are used in making a powerful Robot.

Understanding Motion and Direction

Create simple programmable robots to explain the concept of motion and direction.

Relating Distance, Time and Speed

Use Milometer to introduce distance. Use Speed controls to illustrate the relationship between Distance, Time and Speed.

Beyond Simple Maths using GameMaker or Blockly

Use loops to model Maths problems beyond simple addition and subtraction, like multiplication, LCM.

Create a MonkeyBot, which moves forward 2 units and moves back 1 unit. How many steps are needed to cross the room?

Know More

Beyond straight lines: Introduce shapes using simple programs

Introduce different shapes by programming the bot to move in circle, rectangle, and square shapes.

Beyond Simple Geometry (7-12)

Model interesting and complex geometrical problems using loops, turns. Create a RectBot using loops. Can we make a bot which moves like Earth rotates around the Sun?

Introduction to Logic – IF-THEN-ELSE

Create simple IF-THEN-ELSE programs using different sensor iBlocks.

Create a ShyBot which moves back when you wave your hand in front of it.

Advanced Programming: Loops revisited

Model Conditional, Nested, forever loops in Blockly App and create more complex bots.

Line Follower using Blockly

 Create line follower using B&W sensor for straight lines as well as curvy lines

Create a Maze Solver Robot using Blockly

Use the Obstacle sensor to create a MazeSolverBot, which can find a door in an closed enclosure and exit from it.