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The Apps


Program your robot using the Google Blockly based App.
App provides various coding constructs through a simple graphical interface.

Some interesting robots to create are:

Dancing Bot
Program the dancing steps of your bot, along with eye its expressions

Pendulum Bot
Program your bot to back and forth like a pendulum

Timer Bot
Program your bot to start dancing and making sound after some time


This App is for younger minds (5 years onwards) and has a more playful and simpler interface to program the iBlocks robot.

Use GameMaker to quickly define a sequence of steps to be run on your bot.

Use the Fun-Apps platform to create many more apps ether from scratch, or  reusing the existing apps.


Use Navigator app to convert your bot into a Smart Car, which senses the turning direction as well as obstacles in front of it.

Navigator app combined with the inbuilt Gyro sensor of your phone makes maneuvering the bot into a playful experience.

Use the Record & Replay  feature of Navigator app to retrace the path taken by your bot.

Let's Get Started!

Downloads the iBlocks Apps on your favorite IOS or Android device.
Search for the following Apps and install them.
Google Blocky

Assemble the iBlocks.

Ensure Battery Block is connected and iBlocks is powered up.

Connect and Go!

Enable Bluetooth on your phone/tablet.

Open any iBlocks App.

Select the name of your iBlocks bot (IBLOCKS).

And you are ready to play.